Cookie's having a ball...
Saturday, January 21, 2006
cortneyandjon in pets

More effective than a dog whistle, and nearly as effective as the sound of a can opener, we have a new cat calling technique.  In doing some spring cleaning this weekend (hey, it might be January, but it was over fifty degrees) we found a package of unopened cat toys.  They don't look interesting (they are pink and yellow plastic balls with small bells inside) but there is just something about these balls.  Cortney took one from the package, preparing to toss the rest of them, and dropped it on the ground on her way to the kitchen trash.  There was a rumble somewhere in the basement, followed by a stampede and the emergence of a cream colored whirlwind that, for the following minute or so, engaged itself in play with said ball.  And it works every time - drop the ball from a standing position and no matter where in the house she is hiding Cookie will be there in a matter of seconds.  She may not play with it for long after that, but at least now we know we have a fail proof way of locating our cat.cookieplaysball.jpg

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