Oops...a day late, and other issues
Friday, November 10, 2006
cortneyandjon in milestones, parenting

We are a day late with the 5 month old stats.  Oops.  And the other problem to which we allude is size related.  We've been keeping track of Calvin's growth by taking monthly pictures in the swing and in the carseat.  We've found this to be a lot of fun, but we really didn't think ahead enough.  Currently Calvin refuses to sit back in his swing - he much prefers to lean forward while it is swinging and talk to the dogs.  So that picture comparison is out.  Then with the carseat we have another problem because he is now too big for the carseat insert that has been in all the other pictures, and without the insert he sits very differently in the seat, so that comparison is out. 

And so we bring you pink dog.  See Calvin now compared to Calvin newborn.  See Calvin newborn compared to pink dog.  See pink dog compared to Calvin now.  We see an "if then" problem in there somewhere. 



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