6 month pediatrician appointment
Monday, December 11, 2006
cortneyandjon in development, milestones, parenting

Calvin had his 6 month visit with the doctor today and came home with a clean bill of health!  He is still struggling a bit to make up the weight he lost when he had the reflux trouble several weeks ago.  In fact, he weighed no more today than he did two months ago at the four mnth checkup - 17.25 lbs.  He is longer, though, now measuring just over 27 inches.  The doctor was not worried about his lack of weight gain - between his recent trouble with the reflux and his more active state it is not surprising.  The doctor was very impressed with Calvin's motor skill development, though, and told us that Calvin is doing the things that a normal 9 month old should be doing!  He was particularly impressed with Calvin's peek-a-boo skills, which is our favorite advancement, too.  There was really only one surprise about today, and that is the fact that Calvin seemed to have no reaction to the vaccines at all!  Even though he actually got one more vaccine than in previous appointments (the flu shot being teh new addition), he was just like himself all afternoon! 

And there is one more update to share:  On Saturday we tried again to introduce Calvin to cereal.  It went much better this time around.  He opened his mouth every time he saw the spoon come out of the dish, and he finished the whole thing.  Later this week we will try introducing him to veggies and see how that goes! 



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