Our return to the zoo
Thursday, July 13, 2006
cortneyandjon in Zoo, milestones

famatzoo.jpgAfter coming to understand Calvin's subliminal messaging system (hey, T-shirt messages are really the way to go for babies), we decided to take a family trip to the zoo last night. Since the Detroit Zoo is open extra late on Wednesdays during the summer we figured that we could beat the heat and crowds, and possibly see more animal activity by going in the evening. All of the above turned out to be true and we had a great time (and by "we" we mean Jon and Cortney, since Calvin just slept). calvinjoey.jpgIt was great to be back and to see "our" animals again (we know they missed us, too). The highlights from this trip (besides Calvin, of course) were seeing the rhinos running and playing, and seeing the joey. Who knew that rhinos could be so graceful? And if you don't believe us we have it on video. And the neat thing about the joey was that at our last visit he was still in the pouch and so was Calvin, who was born only six days later so that at this visit both the joey and Calvin were outside their "pouches." It would be an interesting parallel if only Calvin could walk, but alas, joncalvincapy.jpgCalvin was actually just in a different kind of pouch, riding only two layers (Bjorn and human) from where he was last time. All the crowd loves a baby, though, and several onlookers could not resist commenting. All in all Calvin's first zoo trip was a successful one.

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