A summer without a vacation...
Tuesday, August 1, 2006
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is no summer at all.  That is why we decided to take the plunge and drive four hours in our Vibe with our three dogs and our seven week old infant to get to Harbor Springs, Michigan's center for relaxation.  petoskeyfamphoto.jpgWe're not sure whether the plan would be considered more or less ambitious because we embarked on this trip at 9:15pm last Friday.  The point of travelling so late was to fit into Calvin's schedule, of course, since he now rules this household!  By leaving that late we were able to feed and bathe him and read him his bedtime story, all as usual, but then put him to bed in his car seat instead of his basinet, hoping he wouldn't notice and wake up.  We really lucked out and were able to drive straight through to Aunt Lonnie's without hearing a single peap from the little guy, or the dogs for that matter.  Whenever plausible this is clearly the way us to travel.

Calvin experienced a lot of new things.  We took him into Petoskey on Saturday to peruse the annual sidewalk sales and to pick out his baptismal outfit from The Circus Shop, a special children's clothing shop at which both Cortney and her mom shopped when they were younger.  calvininharbor.jpgOn Sunday we took him for a walk through Harbor Springs and down to the marina to see the beautiful sailboats before the Regatta, and got to see a beautiful thunderstorm roll in, too.  On Monday we went back into Petoskey and took a walk through the marina there, and back into town for ice cream from Murdick's.  We ate lots of good food (which Calvin got to enjoy indirectly), and we enjoyed visits with people we don't get to see often - Aunt Lonnie, Uncle Smokey, and Helene.

Calvin must have enjoyed his first vacation.  How do we know?  The little guy was so enthralled he refused to take a nap!  calvinbonfire.jpgWe have heard the old saying about needing a vacation from your vacation, but now we understand oh so much more clearly.  He did sleep.  His nightime routine wasn't too off, and of course he slept through all of our excursions, but when we were trying to relax at home he demanded to be held by someone...anyone.  So vacation for Calvin meant constant attention and coddling.  We don't know what we would have done without three extra sets of arms (Nonnie, gram, and grandpa, that is).  Thanks to their help we actually returned home today feeling rested and ready to keep trucking through the days and nights of infanthood.

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