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Monday, April 9, 2007
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It has been very hard for us to want to update the blog, as though moving Diamond's goodbye entry from the prime spot might take her even farther from us.  It has been a hard week for us, though each day does get better than the last.  We have shared a lot of memories with each other, like the time she broke through the screen door (without her wheels) at the apartment and "ran away" while chasing another dog, and when Cortney finally got to her the man standing nearby was on the phone with the police who were offering to send a patrol car to get us to the vet in a hurry (try explaining over the phone that the dog that just ran away is not injured but paralyzed...).  And we remember all of her antics in the car on our way to California and back (let alone her antics outside of the car on our way to California and back), and the similar antics on our trip to Washington D.C.  We rmemeber her love for tennis balls, rawhides, and neck scratches, and of course the walks around the block, which entailed so much sniffing that we affectionately referred to them as "sniffs" instead of walks.  And as we remember these things, and so very many others, we realize that it is okay to update the blog because clearly she will always be with us in our hearts, and we don't need a blog entry for that.  But we still weren't quite there today, so this is another entry just for Diamond, and tomorrow, maybe, we will move on and write a letter to Calvin, who turned 10 months old today because the world does keep going on, even in the face of grief.

So this is another entry for you, Diamond.  We miss you dearly, we love you still, and we hope you are busy playing soccer just beyond the rainbow bridge




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