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Did you miss us?

DidYouMissUs1.jpgProbably not, but we just got back this evening from a week long trip to Harbor Springs, Michigan.  Harbor Springs and Petoskey are our favorite summer getaway:  The bay is just beautiful, the towns are both quaint, and the beaches are relaxing, not to mention that we have family and friends there that we love to get to see.  This year our trip had more family in it than usual because DidYouMissUs2.jpgwe kicked off our week with Cortney's cousin Pauline's Western Wedding, including a rehearsal dinner on Friday and an event wedding on Saturday, and we do mean event!  The wedding was held on a family member's farm and following the relaxed yet elegant western style wedding itself there were "pony" rides (Calvin's first time on a horse!), hayrides, horseshoes, roping, and an DidYouMissUs3.jpgopen fire for roasting corn and other fun things.  We had a blast, and so did Calvin, who was amazingly well behaved for all of the five hours we spent hanging out with family, and then went to bed really quickly so we could continue our party with a bonfire back at Lonnie's.  It was a great chance for Calvin to meet some far flung family members, like Cortney's cousin Abby from California and her aunt and uncle from Washington, and we spent as much time as possible with them before they left on Sunday.

DidYouMissUs4.jpgWith the wedding behind us, though, we returned to our normal vacation activities, such as putt putt golfing at Pirate's Cove (Calvin loved the varied terrain of the course), lunch at the Noggin Room, and walking along the pier and beaches in Petoskey.  And while the highlight of our week was really the wedding, a close second was our trip to Mackinac Island.  We had both been longing DidYouMissUs5.jpgto go for a number of years, but were never able to take the time because we could only leave Diamond alone for 6 hours during the day, so in a tribute to her memory we decided to go.  Calvin, unfortunately, did not share our enthusiasm.  Though he thoroughly enjoyed the boat ride over he did not enjoy riding around the island in the bike trailer (something he was DidYouMissUs6.jpgvery vocal about) and quickly tired of being carried around as we toured the city.  After a short nap in our arms he cried most of the boat ride back, breaking only to flirt with a very nice lady sitting across the aisle from us.  We really enjoyed the trip, but we'd have to say that it was exhausting, so for our last full day of vacation DidYouMissUs8.jpgwe kept things a little more low key and took Calvin to play on the Sturgeon Bay Beach in Wilderness State Park.  That was a far greater hit than the Island had been and he enjoyed running in the waves and digging in the sand.  He also enjoyed the baby sized ice cream cone (really frozen yogurt) that he got after dinner in Harbor Springs, and feeding the deer at the deer park. 

We had a really wonderful time, but we are, admittedly, glad to be home. 

And, of course, there are tons of vacation pictures in our August Vacation Photo Alubm.


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