Everything is fascinating...
Friday, April 25, 2008
cortneyandjon in gardening, learning, nature, parenting

...to a two year old.  Especially worms.  We have a wonderfully landscaped garden plot in front of our new house, but since the home was vacant for nearly a year it had fallen into some manner of disrepair.  With the beautiful weather about to come to an end EverythingIsFascinating1.jpgwe decided we needed to get a handle on the encroaching grasses and weeds before the coming rains gave them a power boost, so the three of us spent the evening in the garden:  Cortney weeded, Jon cleaned up after her, and Calvin pointed out as many bugs as he could find ("worm, more worms, more worms," "spider, more spiders, more spiders," "tato bug, more bugs, more tatoes").  He also talked a lot about how prickly the rose and fir bushes are ("ouch," "picky," "no no no don't touch picky ouch").  And in case you were wondering, no he's never quiet at home.  Never.  Unless he's in trouble.


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