Ahhh, spring
Friday, March 6, 2009
cortneyandjon in photography, spring

March in Michigan is such a tricky time.  Today it was 65 and sunny, tomorrow it will be cool and rainy, and next week we are to expect snow.  Some will say that spring was teasing us with just a glimpse today, and that she will leave us next week for winter's return, but I disagree; I think she's in on it, she and winter, the lion and the lamb.  We always have at least one month when spring-like days are interspersed with snowfall and bone-chilling weeks.  Yep, I'm sure she's in on it.  And I've always hated warm day teasers because the return to the biting cold and snow is always so much harder as the year wears on, but things are different now.  Now I have a toddler and I have learned how to get the better of fickle tempers - Ignore the bad and take advantage of the good.  So today, on upswing number one (65 and sunny, remember?) we took a long walk, revisited our tree stump and counted its rings (still the same number), tested tree age based on how hard they were to hug (i.e. trunk size), ate lunch on the porch (our first picnic of the year), listened to and watched for birds (they're not very shy about visiting the feeders), and even made use of our ride-on toys (and by our I mean Calvin's, of course).  Yes, I guess I will take spring any way I can get it.

There are more pictures in the March 2009 album.

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