Ann Arbor Model Train Show
Sunday, February 20, 2011
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After all these (four) years Calvin's most beloved obsession, aside from his blanket, is still trains. I remember saying to Jon three years ago that I thought we should go light on our train selections because we just didn't know when the enthusiasm might wane. I suppose that's still true, but there is no sign of it ebbing just yet. Even though we went to bed late last night and had already enjoyed a fun filled weekend, we got up relatively early today, had breakfast, and made our way to Saline for our second annual trip to the Ann Arbor Model Train Show. We had our engineer in tow.

They liked our engineer so much, and he asked such good questions, that they let us step behind the table and they opened the trap door for him.

They even had a Lego train display.

Calvin-cam. He didn't ask for one, but I'm pretty sure he would really like a signal light for his bedroom. I wonder if there's a way I can make one...

The rest of our day was good old Sunday relaxing. Sort of. Calvin and I shopped the closing Borders store, along with hundreds of other crazy people, while Jon taught a piano lesson. Fortunately the lesson time and the long line to get out the door meant that we didn't hit the road for home until after the white-out blizzard conditions hit our area and our 20 minute drive took more like forty. I say fortunately because sometimes, as long as we can drive safely, that kind of beauty is worth the delay. We came home by the scenic route along the river and enjoyed every extra minute of it. The rest of the afternoon was spent in front of a fire enjoying family company and quiet time.

And now, where there was no snow before... as I write this I am listening to the ice rain blow against our windows and cover the over three inches of snow on the ground. At least there was snow on the ground first.

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