Friday, September 9, 2011
cortneyandjon in homeschooling, nature

A gray tree frog, only not so gray. He'd been hanging out in the lillies by our front path, and he changed his suit accordingly. I had not known they did that, but this very well could be the same little guy we've seen repeatedly on our back deck.

Elsewhere in life, we spent the afternoon with the homeschooling group again. I've always needed certain points of navigation in life and having Fridays for gathering is lovely. The group has been meeting in area parks and Calvin has really enjoyed the activity as well as the chance to interact with other kids. For me, aside from meeting some great moms, the social time is an affirmation and also a resource.

Everyone travels through life on their own path and, even when we all end up in the same room, not only did we get there differently, we bring with us a colorful variety of experiences. I sit and chat and soak up all the suggestions and helpful hints I can, and sometimes I even feel like I have something I can share. To hear that other moms go through similar rough spots and frustrations is reassuring, and to be able to get and offer advice can be sanity saving.

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