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Oz in Chicago

When Calvin was younger it was actually easier to write this blog because he was always so full of childhood wittiscisms and hilarious malapropisms that there was always a catchy tag to write around or a funny story to tell. As he becomes older, life has become a little more predictable and a little less least most of the time. Which isn't to say that all the fun and games are over, just that they are all a little more run-of-the-mill now.

So I have nothing to add here but an account of the rest of our Chicago trip. It included hours spent at the camping store prepping for our first backpacking/rustic camping adventure (coming soon!), an afternoon traipsing through Oz Park meeting the Scarecrow and his friends, fajitas grilled and eaten on the rooftop, a beer garden, a BBQ shack, and a Dairy Queen, plus the best part: lots of great family time.


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