CY365 in 2016, week 8
Friday, February 26, 2016
cortneyandjon in 365_2016

I'm finally getting caught up on photo organizing. It's only two months into year, what's the rush? I printed the CY365 (capture your 365, photo-a-day) prompts for January and February and am pairing up photos as best I can for the weeks already past. Many days went photoless, I'm afraid to say, but nothing is perfect, and it's never to late to start. Calvin has actually done a better job of keeping up with the prompts, but his shots are on his computer and we've had some difficulty communicating them to mine, so that is still in the works.

So, better late than never, we begin CY365 again.

Feb 19: Cover

Feb 20: Starts with R

Feb 21: Aperture

Feb 22: Rest

Feb 23: Supplies

Feb 25: Motion

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