Spring poems, by Calvin
Sunday, March 20, 2016
cortneyandjon in hiking, nature, poetry, spring

The sun comes out, 
Its heat penetrates the snow
To the grassy layer below,
The clouds grow thin,
A blue sky beind,
Spring has sprung anew.

The springing spring is bouncing in,
With birds and foxes alike,
It fills the winter white with warm,
And melts the snow to slush,
And takes its place where spring should go,
With flowers and grasses alike.

Spring wakes up,
Pushes aside its bedcovers,
Rambling out of bed,
Into its dayclothes it goes oncemore,
Never to sleep for three months,
Goodbye winter, hello spring! 

Article originally appeared on Cortney and Jon Ophoff's Family Site (http://www.theophoffs.com/).
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