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2016 Bird log

The bird migration seems to be slow to start this year. Athough we were surprised by some beautiful spring days and haven't had the big late April snow dump I fully expected, we haven't really had much of a spring, either, and the freezing night temperatures seem to be sticking around. So maybe that, or maybe the stormy weather in the south, is holding some of the migratory species. But many of the species we watch for each spring are obligate migrators, meaning that they migrate annual based on genetic obligation—because they're intenral clock is ticking, not because they are following seasonal weather changes. 

That's not to say that we havne't seen any of our favorite migrators. In fact, the Baltimore Oriole, our favorite feeder bird, is back and singing up a storm. They are almost comically chipper, insistantly calling out their territorial song before and after every blossom they rob.

American Tree Sparrow (winter resident)

Canada Goose (resident)

Palm Warbler (migrator)

Black and White Warbler (migrator)

Blue-headed Vireo (migrator)

Gray Catbird (summer resident)

Baltimore Oriole (summer resident)

Ruby-crowned Kinglet (migrator)

Carolina Wren (resident)

Eastern Bluebird (resident)

Rose-breasted Grosbeak (summer resident)

Nashville Warbler (migrator)

Black-throated Green Warbler (migrator)

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