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The long stretch of tech week begins...

I never imagined I would become a theater parent, or rarely think about what that means, or if it means anything, in fact. But it means something. It means hours and hours of work, not just on Calvin's part, and not just the driving to and fro—even though it definitely does mean that, and dinners in the car between events and rehearsals, and meal planning, vacation planning, event planning around rehearsal times—for me it means hours of designing and sewing, and redesigining and resewing. For other parents it's set design or hair and makeup. Whatever suits their fancy, it means hours and hours of it. And then the tech week rehearsals, with theater call from 4:45 to 9 at night, and an earlier start if something needs stitching or patching or fixing in some way. It means organizing rides to and from, and meals for the family member left out at home. It means dropping into bed at night exhausted and not being able to sleep because your head is still ringing with the sound of children's voices. And I'm an introvert.

But it also means something else. It means supporting my son in a very tangible, very obvious way in doing something he loves, and it means sharing that time, those moments, that love with him. And for that I am eternally grateful, even if it did interrupt Mother's Day. 


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