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Photo 310/365 Election Day

We went and voted for our future, then took him out to eat pizza and watch the results roll in. 


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As I have mentioned, probably many, many times, this is Calvin's first year taking public school courses aside from band. I have also probably mentioned, umpteen times, that I was feeling pretty nervous about this at the beginning of the year, but nearly every day so far has been a pleasant surprise. He comes home excited and happy, eager to share all the details of his day. He's made a few classroom acquaintances, and even a few new friends. It has been such a joy to watch him grow into and with this experience, and an even greater joy that he is so willing to share it with us. I have to admit, too, how very validating the whole thing has been on a personal level, to find out after so many years that one of our hardest parenting decisions, and certainly the most continually challenging one, has served him so well. And, even better, that given that choice for himself now, he wouldn't change a thing—he's exactly where he wants to be.