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Stuffed Italian pork tenderloin

I almost called this Italian stuffed pork tenderloin, but I'm neither stuffing Italians with pork tenderloin nor pork tenderloin with Italians, so I switched the order. It still doesn't sound right, but really it's better than the other way around. Calvin and I made this one together today. He helped me pound out the tenderloin (his favorite part, of course), spread the cream cheese, cut the peppers, crumble the bacon, and spread all the toppings.

Stuffed pork tenderloin, Italian style

  ● 2 pounds pork tenderloin
  ● 6 oz neufchatel cheese, softened
  ● Italian seasoning, salt and pepper, to taste
  ● ~1 cup fresh arugula
  ● 4 slices bacon, cooked and crumbled
  ● ~8 oz roasted red pepper (home roasted or from a jar, drained), chopped
  ● Olive oil

1. Cut pork loins down the center without cutting all the way through, then open as though opening a book. Use smooth side of tenderizer to pound meat to an even thickness.
2. Spread cheese evenly over pork. Sprinkle with seasonings to taste. Top with arugula, crumbled bacon, and roasted red peppers.
3. Roll pork back up into original shap (leaving seam along long side). Tie closed with string where needed. Brush with olive oil to keep moist.
4. Place pork, seam side down, In baking dish. Bake at 400 degrees for 40 minutes or until 150 degrees. Let stand 10 minutes before cutting to serve.

I served this with tender thin green beens, sauted in olive oil and garlic and tossed with almond slivers, and with wild rice tossed with cherries.