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No roll pie crust

An hour or so away from making a quiche dinner the other day I suddenly realized that I had forgotten to bring home a frozen pie crust.  With a (thankfully) sleeping toddler upstairs there was no way I could correct that mistake in time for dinner, so I did a quick search for pie crust recipes, dark thoughts of slaving over a stubborn dough flitting through my mind, and I stumbled across this No Roll Pie Crust on  I was a little hesitant but, with very little time and even less experience on hand, I decided to give it a try.

The recipe calls for 1.5 cups flour, .5 cups peanut oil, .25 cups ice water, and .5 tsp salt.   I substituted canola oil and used water from our fridge.  The directions couldn't be easier:  mix all ingredients together, then press out into pie pan, then fill (in our case with quiche) and bake.  Wow.  No way could this be any good, right?  Actually, we were pleasantly surprised.  It seemed light and flakey, although a little bland.  I might still be hesitant to use it with a sweet pie, but it was quite good with the quiche.  So, without really trying, we've scored yet another point on our road to independence from premade and preprocessed foods.

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