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Celebrating two weeks!

Well, we are now two weeks old!!!  Calvin really started celebrating this milestone overnight by sleeping for nearly six hours straight - yay!  It was the first night that we did not set the alarm in order to wake the sleeping baby and force him to eat.  Since he's been gaining well we decided to let him dictate the night time schedule, especially since Cortney is now dictating the daytime schedule.  frenchlunch.jpgSo far so good... Then during the day today Calvin celebrated his two week old status by visitng the church office, where they had been awaiting his appearance just as eagerly as we had been awaiting the chance to introduce him.  Though he slept through the whole visit a good time was had by all.  Following that stop he was treated to a nice French Quarter style lunch in Ann Arbor by Cortney's parents.  Of course, all he got out of the lunch was a flower and a nap, but we didn't hear him complaining.  After lunch he showed how mature he was by spending walkwithann.jpgnearly an hour in a very alert state, taking in the sights of the world around him, especially the back side (that being the hypnotizing black and white side) of Baby Whoozit.  Who knewzit that toy could be so entertaining!!!  The day of celebration was capped off with a wonderful visit by his Aunt Ann, who was kind enough to take him out for a walk in his sling and hold him on her lap all evening, even when he decided to be a little ornery towards the end of the day.  Of course, ornery is what his parents are looking for at 11pm in hopes of another long sleep overnight.  Here's to keeping our fingers crossed...


Firsts for Calvin, regression for his parents

Calvin is definitely growing.  He just feels heavier.  Most people who see him still think he looks like a preemie, but we are pretty sure we can see a growth difference.  strollerwalk.jpgNot that he fits into anything any better, he just seems bigger to us.  And he is definitely growing in other ways, too.  He has gradually become more vocal - not crying, just more talkative - and today he started talking while eating.  His amount of alert time has gradually increased every day, and he has really started to look at things now.  Actual firsts for today included napping with Cortney in his sling and going for a walk in his stroller.  It was also his first day of regulated living - Cortney started introducing a feeding/sleeping/activity schedule today.  Right.  We'll see how that goes.

But while Calvin is progressing by leaps and bounds, his parents seem to be regressing, at least where the menu is concerned.  macandcheese.jpgThough Jon did grill a couple of hamburgers last week, our meals lately have consisted mainly of little kid type dinners - frozen fish sticks and tater tots, frozen pizza, and, the ultimate, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese with hot dogs.  Call it what you like, we call nostalgia. 


Storms? What storms?

Well, perhaps it's a little trite, but we have another couple of firsts under our belt.  On Tuesday Calvin ran his first errands!  With the help of his mother and grandmother, of course, he endured lunch out (lots of oohs and ahhs), followed by a trip through the grocery store (snuggled comfortably in his sling, so he missed the whole thing), and a quick stop at the vet's to pick up a refill for Ollie's ear medicine.  Unfortunately all the hubbub meant that he slept the majority of the day...and not a majority of the night.  Oh well.

Then last night we had a wonderful evening of dangerous weather (wonderful because we really like thunderstorms).  The roaring thunder, pounding rain, and threat of hail and tornadoes were Calvin's first brush with tempestuous weather and all went well.  storms.jpgThough his mother was a little nervous, watching the news/weather channel for tornado warning updates, Calvin took it all in stride.  Plus, in the process of keeping abreast of the weather situation, this was our, and thus Calvin's, first night of TV.  Of course we were a bit overprotective, muting it a majority of the time and just reading the closed captioning (wholly unnecessary since Calvin slept through it anyway), but it was a bit of a treat for us.  Unfortunately(?) we chose to watch "America's Got Talent."  Probably no one else was suckered into it, but for those who were... did anyone else really like the finger snapping guy?  I mean, seriously, what a talent!!!


A little parent care

Lots of adult time and change of scenery is what the doctor prescribes for staving off the baby blues, and that is exactly what Jon and friends pushed Cortney to get.  So, armed with antibacterial wipes and gel, and a blanket to hide the baby, a nervous Cortney, and a less than nervous Calvin, had a lunch date.  lunchwithgirls.jpgThe date included Cortney's friends Amy, Becky, and Liesl (you may remember Liesl as the baby tester for our dogs and our baby equipment a few months ago).  A good time was had by all, including Calvin who slept through the majority of the visit and lunch out.  It was fun to see him in comparison to Liesl, who is nearly 6 months old.  The difference is immense, on all developmental scales at this point, and yet the two will be in the same class in school.  Who knows... some day they might even date, though both mothers say it will be at least 30 years, right?

And parent care continued into the evening games.jpgwith a little couple time for the two of us.  Though our attempt to indoctrinate Calvin in Trivial Pursuit went largely unnoticed by the pupil, we certainly enjoyed ourselves.  Cortney would like to point out that Jon won by a landslide mostly because her brain hasn't returned from the pregnancy abyss.  We'll go ahead and let her hold onto that belief a little while longer...


To Calvin, who was not due until today...

Well, Calvin, you weren't supposed to be here until today.  Of course they say that the early bird gets the worm, and just think of all calvinsduedate.jpgthe things you have already accomplished in those extra ten days on the outside:  You've already been held for hours on end, already listened to your mother sing to you, to your father read your first book;  You've already had your first photo shoot, your first trip to your grandparents, your first walk through the neighborhood;  you've already lifted your head, rolled over, slept through four hours straight;  And you've already met so many loving people and seen the love and beauty the world has to offer - you wouldn't want to give that up now!

We cannot believe that you have been here for 10 days already.  As each day passes we wish we could hold onto it for just one precious moment longer, or have one more chance to do each of those firsts again.  iwasearly.jpgDid we get enough pictures?  Did we take the right video?  Will we remember this moment, so much more important than the last, like it was yesterday, even when we are twenty years older?  But even though it is hard to watch the firsts pass us by before we are barely able to grasp that they have happened, we are so glad to have already had those 10 precious days, glad that there are so many more to come, and we hope that you understand, someday, that  in those 1o days our love for you has already multiplied at least tenfold.  Aren't you glad that you came when you did?