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Warming up for choir performance #2 of the season... 


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Every year for the past five, since Calvin joined the Boychoir, we've seen the performance at the Henry Ford Tree Lighting ceremony, always the Monday before Thanksgiving, as a kick-off, both for the musician's completely insane holiday performance schedule, and for the Christmas season itself. 

So...let the season begin!


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After only two days at home, Calvin is again away from home. Instead of true camp this time, though, he is off with his choir enjoying a short three day retreat to start the year off right. I remember the first year I dropped him off for this event. He'd never been away from home and I was petrified, but the minute we arrived he was at ease and I went home only slightly nervous for those two nights and three days. Now it's not only old hat, it's like no time away at all compared to Blue Lake. We've come so far since then.

So with Calvin gone I'm doing the tedious, but exciting, work of planning school for the year. Thankfully I have pictures from the Boychoir director to supplement my own boring ones.

From me...

From camp...


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