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Civic duty

I did not spend any time "teaching" this election. We did not study the electoral college, or read books about democracy, or go into depth about the three arms of government and how they work (or don't work) together, etc., etc. What we did do this election season was discuss the candidates and proposals around the dinner table and whenever we passed signs when we were out and about. And we answered questions. Lots of questions. Then yesterday morning we got up inordinately early, dressed in layers of warmth, and headed out, all three of us, to wait in what we expected to be long lines, but turned out to be only about a half hour wait (small town living is great). Last night we had the TV on (us! with the TV on!) and we watched the numbers beginning to come in just before the boy went to bed, and the first thing he asked me this morning was who had won. We studied this election simply by living it together. I guess there is still a little unschooler left in me after all.