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Week 9, 2014

Measuring in weeks instead of days this year, here are some special moments from the ninth:

Doing research on the midwest as we make our way through the states. He's looking so old and so serious. Where did the time go?

Making pizza crust together

Favorite art creation: a monastery with a free standing monk

It was a book sale Saturday, the first one this year that wasn't crippled by bad weather. For a laugh I displayed books on snow all around the sale room, but only a few witty people noticed.

Calvin has taken up the project of learning to type and has been introduced to Mavis Beacon (note the fish bookmark)

We finally got a chance to play in the snow

The sunshine returned for a couple of days, and brought single digits cold with it (but at least temps were above zero)

Piano, piano, piano. Always, and with joy.