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Four wheeling

When Calvin was just a baby, maybe even before he was born, a woman who worked with Jon gave us a burley that her daughter had outgrown and that she did not want to lug with them in the family's move. For almost four years now it has either sat or hung in our garage, in both the old and the new garage because it did, at least, make the move with us. My bike, actually, has done much the same thing, and Jon's bike hadn't made any moves and was still living in his parents' garage. Every spring thus far our intentions have been honorable and we've discussed getting the bikes looked at to make sure they were in riding order, buying helmets, and figuring what kind of hitching equipment we needed for the Joyrider. This weekend we finally moved from intention directly to obsession—it was bike to Dairy Queen or bust. Thankfully the bikes were in ride worthy condition after we pumped the tires (thankfully we bought a tire pump last year to keep the jogging stroller in tip top condition), and a visit to the nearby bike shop (not the Dexter shop, we won't go there again, but Two Wheel Tango) outfitted us with helmets (Calvin already had his). The best surprise? Hooking up the burley was incredibly easy and intuitive.

We made it to Dairy Queen.

On a side note—can you believe how green the grass is? Since you can't really see the budding trees in this picture, you might mistake it for a photo in June...