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Photo 321/365

No matter what becomes of our last game, we had a wonderful season with good friends, and nobody can take that away. Go blue!


Photos 265/365




Snow game

This might go down in history as my favorite football game of all time. It helps that it was the last homegame of a winning season, and that it was not unbareably cold. But the best part by far was the snow that started coming in great waves midway through the fourth quarter. It came down so fast that it erased the yardlines in a matter of minutes, and made catching a ball darn near impossible, but we were winning by enough to make that irrelevant. The cheerleaders were making snow angels in the far end zone, and a festive spirit took over the crowd en masse. The snow was stunningly beautiful. It was a delightful way to end a home season.


November recap

Good books, good times

We went to the Audubon lands at Waterloo to watch the migration of the Sandhill Cranes.

We voted

We did science

We tailgated, sometimes with the Boychoir

Pumpkin beers were taking over, and so were giant bears

Calvin and I ran the turkey trot

Iris learned to help with the dishes

We spent a lovely weekend with my family at a lodge in middle of nowhere. And it snowed.

It snowed even more at home

But it melted before Thanksgiving

MST3K Thanksgiving marathon

The last game of the year, the last disappointment (we hope)