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The dog is so glad we're home she'll put up with almost any abuse

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United we stand

Back to running in the cold


Why sure...don't mind if I do

Both boys were off on their first overnight choir field trip (there was a hotel pool involved)

A few of our favorite things



We are back from traipsing the globe, putting our jet-setting ways behind us, and let me tell you, that whole need-a-vacation-after-your-vacation thing is real.

Hawaii was glorious. The sun was warm, the air was sweet, the birds sang strange new songs to intrigue and delight me. I turned 40 surrounded by my most loved and favorite people. We wore ourselves out hiking, swimming, and partying...and then we came home to laundry and work and school. It's definitely enough to make one need a vacation. It didn't help that we all came home from our amazing trip sporting the newest, most stylish flu-like cold the airlines had to offer. A real doozy with fevers, sore throats, and plenty of coughing to go around. No rest for the weary.

But now a week has passed. Calvin is fully recovered while Jon and I are straggling along as adults with illnesses always do. Still, the laundry's done and we're back on a regular schedule with a few days of school under our belts, almost acclimated to the time and weather change. Only the dog seems unwilling yet to forgive us our absence.


10 (+30) things about me at 40

(1) I am not bothered by turning forty (2) When I was young I wanted a career—not a marriage and definitely not children (3) I am happily married and I love my son (4) I have homeschooled my son all his life (5) I did not have pets growing up (6) I think I will always have a pet as an adult (7) I wanted to be a veterinarian...until I'd worked in a vet's office (8) I am a follower, not a leader (9) I still sleep with stuffed animals (10) I love to read (11) I write book reviews for a magazine (12) They know me at our library, it is like my church (13) I love to hike and to be outside (14) I love living where we have all four seasons, (15) but I hate being cold (16) I am a hobby birder and naturalist (17) I studied evolution in college and still see the world through that lens (18) I am an atheist (19) I am a humanist and I believe in the inherent morality of humans (20) I am artistic but not creative (21) I love eat, and I especially love to snack (22) I love to garden (23) I'm not big on TV or movies (24) I love hot showers in the winter, cold showers in the summer (25) I love to get really dirty, especially in the summer (26) I am a runner—I run at least 3 miles 3-4 days every week (27) I cross and weight train on my off running days (28) I struggle with depression and anxiety (29) I use exercise and diet to manage these conditions (30) I love to write (31) I love taking pictures (32) I am an introvert (33) I am on the board of our homeschooling group (34) I am on the board of our library Friends group as the book sale manager (35) After any time with people I need a lot of time alone (36) I'm learning to play the piano (37) I love to sew and am getting better at it all the time (38) I don't get enough sleep (39) I love to cook (40) I love my family more than anything else in the world.