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County Park Tour #6: Ervin-Stucki Preserve

Calvin and I decided that a great project or goal for this summer would be visit all of our county's parks and preserves. Several of them we are already familiar with and visit on a regular basis, but following an event that took us delightedly into uncharted territory, we decided to become more familiar with our area's offerings. Of course, it is already August and so far we have only visited only 2 of the 10 parks, and 4 of the 15 preserves, albeit some of them more than once. I am comforting myself with the knowledge that we did visit three National Lake Shores and will be camping at a state park next week, but fall should be a good time to take on the rest of the county parks anyhow.

Yesterday we went to the far southeast corner of our county to visit the Ervin-Stucki Preserve. It was a small park, with only a third of a mile of marked trails, but it still provided us with many beautiful sights. Part wetland, part wooded area on the river's edge, much of the trail was a narrow path between two privately owned farm fields, and that added to the variety of wildlife sightings, like Sandhill Cranes. We were also reminded that it is getting to be serious butterfly time around here.

the bluebird's tree...



Sandhill Cranes

Checkerwing butterfly

Cedar Waxwing, watching me closely

Viceroy Butterfly

Viceroy Butterfly

Orange Sulphur Butterflies