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There's no getting away from him now!

Wow it's amazing what a difference just a few days can make.  comingtogetyoukitchen.jpgLast week you could set Calvin in his carefully baby-proofed room with some toys and head into the bedroom to get yourself dressed for the day, or head to the kitchen to wash a few dishes, or start the laundry.  Whatever the task, we never left him long, but we always knew where he'd be when we went back.  In fact, the farthest he might move was from sitting to laying, or maybe a couple of rolls away, but not so much now.  sneakinguponyoubedroom.jpgNow if you leave him in his room and go to get dressed you're likely to be snuck up on long before you are done.  Thankfully the house is mostly baby-proofed now, though there are a handful of things that are still out, like the dogs' dishes and Jon's music.  The new word of the week has been "no," and we've been pleasantly surprised by Calvin's reaction, which is this:  First he looks at you, pauses, then sits back away from the [fill in the blank], screws up his face, turns beet red, then starts screaming and crying with frustration.  Okay, we're not really pleased with the actual reaction so much as the fact that he does respond that way 95% of the time.


There is a use for the snowsuit this year!

headedoutside.jpgAfter months of waiting for winter to arrive it looks like it is finally here to stay for a while.  Really we couldn't be happier.  Cortney was even excited to go outside and shovel for the first time this season yesterday (yes, we know she's nuts).  We do love winter, but it's likely that our disappointment over the mild winter this year was due to our desire to introduce Calvin to snow.  We feel much better after getting our chance to do that today.  After his lunch Cortney suited herself up, then suited Calvin up, and headed outside for a brief romp in the snow.  outinthesnow.jpgCalvin thought it was pretty bright out there, and he's squinting in most of our pictures.  But after a couple of minute sitting in the snow he finally opened his eyes to see what was going on, and he thought the white stuff was pretty funny.  Until he tried to crawl in it and found that movement in the snowsuit was not possible.  Then he just wanted to go inside.  It was fun while it lasted, though!  And back inside he went right back to terrorizing the other four legged animals in the house... I don't think the cats are as excited about his crawling as we are.


Awwww, Calvin's parents are growing up.

We often flaunt the wonderful milestones that Calvin achieves, but rarely do we pat ourselves on the back.  Well, we think it's time that we got excited about something we did for once (hey, this blog used to be about us and only us), and tonight we are busy congratulating ourselves on finally moving Calvin into his own room.  Before he was born we'd said he would sleep in our room for a few weeks.  Then a few weeks became a few months, and we just kept adding months after that.  Every time we thought we were ready we changed our minds.  Well, Saturday night we finally did it.  We can't really say that we got brave, in all actuality once he started crawling and sitting himself up he could no longer safely sleep in the bassinet so the move was a few days overdue.  And, as with most fears of this type, once the move was done we felt much better.  Calvin had no trouble with the move at all, and this morning we were awakened an hour early by the sound of the spinner on the Aquarium crib toy - he had woken up early and was amusing himself!  He then fell back asleep and we all got up at 7 as usual. 


And the special today is....

We've had a special week filled with milestones and celebrations.  Monday's special was a birthday dinner at the Hillers' house.  Tuesday's special was Calvin's introduction to bananas, and to "chunks" of food.  Wednesday had several specials:  funwithliesl.jpgCortney's birthday (the big 3-0 - shhhhhh);  Moose's birthday (the big 3-5, in human years, that is); Calvin learning to sit himself up; and, Calvin learning to truly crawl (Not on his tummy like in December, and not backwards like earlier this month, but forward while on hands and knees); Thursday's special was...well, Thursday actually wasn't special; but Friday? bookplaypen.jpg Friday's special was (is) a celebratory work party with Jon's bosses and co-workers and Calvin's introduction to drinking water (which, by the way, he loves).  We think our downfall was Wednesday, when Calvin's friend, Liesl, came over to celebrate [Moose's] birthday and showed him how to crawl, but it was worth it because she brought with her Cortney's friends Becky and Julie who took her to lunch (a very courageous outing with three kids under the age of 14 drinkingwater.jpgmonths), and even brought a maize and blue cake, Spartans though they are.  This afternoon may have brought some reprieve, though, following a nice birthday lunch that Cortney and Calvin shared with friends Erinn and Leah, in the form of a book that doubles as a sort of play pen.  Yes, a book/play pen of sorts (thank you, Leah).  You'd have to see it to believe it so we took pictures.  It may not be sturdy enough to hold a determined child, it might be just the thing to deter a considering one.



Calvin had his first taste of banana today, and it was a comical one.  The funniest part about it was not his reaction to the spoonfuls of mashed banana, that he liked well enough, but his consternation regarding the the small piece of banana that his mother gave him.  Now that you'll just have to see to understand.