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Three years and a baby

3anniv.jpgToday we celebrate three wonderful years of marriage, and all the wonderful things that those three years of marriage have brought:  We celebrate three years worth of nightly sleep overs, weekend zoo trips, and summer vacations;  We celebrate our house, our jobs, and our years of school;  We celebrate the joining of our families, the love of our pets, the birth of our son.  As usual we celebrated our anniversary by going back to the dinner spot of our first date - wavegbye.jpgMacaroni Grill (what will we do if they close?), only this year we made an extra stop in order to drop Calvin off with his gram and grandpa.  This was our first evening out since June 9, and everyone took it well.  Look, Calvin even gave us a tentative wave during our send off ;o)


Beer and sports

calvinsfirstbeer.jpgLast night was Calvin's first "beer and sports" experience.  Yes, beer and sports.  After almost a week of near sleepless nights trying to get Calvin's schedule back on track we decided that an evening at the bar was in order.  Well, not really, but you go where the food is and Casey's is a great place for great food and just happens to be a (non-smoking) bar, so that's where we went.  Dinner was relaxing for us and strangely exciting for Calvin, who was wide eyed and looking around throughout the entire meal.  Then what better way to follow a curtissoccer.jpggreat beer and burger at the bar than with a good sports game, so after ingesting said vices we took Calvin to watch his uncle Curtis play soccer.  The game was really enjoyable, especially in the cool evening breeze, and the fresh air was just as invigorating as the beers and burgers, except for Calvin who was rather sleepy after a day of extended alert periods.  Lucky for us, something worked and last night we actually got some good sleep again!


A pool party

Last night was Calvin's first trip to a pool.  Unfortunately for him it was only that, a trip to the pool and not an actual swim in the pool since he's a little young for chlorine and is still having some trouble with the skin on his shoulders.  poolparty.jpgBut we weren't really there for the prime swimming anyhow, we were there for dinner.  Not as weird as it sounds, since we were joining Jon's bosses and their daughter and friends for a poolside evening complete with dinner from the country club.  It was beautiful and cool evening and both the food and the company were great, so we think Calvin had a nice time even without getting to go swimming.
In other news, we are finally experiencing baby meltdown.  Calvin's sleep schedule has been off for nearly a week now and sleep deprivation is starting to set in - for all three of us.  We figure it's about time since we hadn't experienced true lack of sleep yet, even when he was a newborn.  unhappycalvin.jpgThe real problem of the weekend, though, was that he was also having some trouble nursing, so we visited the doctor again today.  As always, Calvin wowed them with his rate of growth - he weighed in at 11 pounds, 3 ounces (a pound more than he weighed a week ago), and measured just shy of 24 inches.  Grow baby grow!  Obviously, nursing trouble or no, he is getting plenty to eat!  The visit did offer some hope of relief on all fronts and that relief is spelled z-a-n-t-a-c.  The pediatrician thinks that Calvin might be struggling with heartburn (guess he should lay off the chocolate and pizza...) so baby Zantac should help.  We are keeping our fingers crossed.


Now only six minutes to Africa

calvintramride.jpgLast summer we surprised the world with our story of the seven minute tram to Africa that leaves from a station in Binder Park Zoo.  This year, we bring you the six minute tram to Africa (who would take the seven minute tram when the six minute tram is available?) - all we can say is that they must have found a way to shave a minute off somewhere!  The giraffe feeding was prime, the Red Pandas were up and wandering, and the tortoise was sharing his meal with a rabbit - a wild rabbit, that is (a smart wild rabbit).  calvinandchickens.jpgCalvin had a great time and was actually awake for part of the trip!  One thing we must warn everyone about - if you plan on taking said trip to Africa, be forwearned that getting lunch there takes at least three times longer than the tram ride.


Playing hot potato, I mean, baby

Yesterday was the first day of the Ann Arbor Art Fairs and, as in years past, we braved the teeming masses for an afternoon of art and heat.  calvinartfair.jpgThis has long been a tradition for Jon's family and is one that we have come to enjoy.  Yes, count us among the population of locals who really enjoy the Art Fair, in spite of the traffic and crowding it unleashes on the city.  Of course, this year the visit provided a different kind of art for the extended family to enjoy - the newest member of the family.  In fact, the party game during lunch, and again during the after calvinartfair2.jpgFair party, was Hot Potato, with Calvin playing the part of the potato, of course (for evidence of said game see all the new pictures in his week five photo album).  Ultimately, we enjoyed the Art Fair as usual, avoided buying any art as usual, and really savored the food at the after party as usual, all with Calvin (who mostly slept) in tow.  Don't worry, Calvin, you will get to enjoy all the tasty food indirectly.

By the way - can you find Calvin in these pictures?  We'll give you a hint - he's ensconced in high tech sun protection and baby wearing gear.