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31 down, 6-9 to go

Weeks before the baby, that is!  At this point we are way past half way there.  We both vaguely remember a time when Cortney wished she looked more pregnant (please don't remind her of this).  We also have vague memories of the middle room being an office, not a nursery safari.  We are enjoying our final moments as a couple, fitting in lots of date nights and other moments  without the addition of the diaper bag, but we are also growing impatient in our wait to meet this hiccuping acrobat.


Easter enrichment at home

eggenrichment.jpgWe decided to prepare ourselves for our future role as parents with some practice Easter egg decorating tonight.  At least, that's our excuse and we're sticking with it.  And it sure was fun.  We have eggs with the names of each of our family members (including an egg for the pets and one for Raspberry), we have eggs with flowers, we have eastereggs.jpgeggs with dinosaurs and eggs with toothy lizards (watch out!), and we have eggs with random designs.  We used all the colors in the rainbow and then some, and we managed to keep our clothes clean and all the eggs whole.  It was a successful practice run then, or unsuccessful depending on how you look at it - maybe we aren't being as realistic as we could be about the mess a little one might introduce to the same activity, but we'll enjoy it while we can.

Happy Easter to all! 


Easter enrichment at the zoo

wolverineenrichment.jpgWe were back at the Detroit Zoo today, and were reminded again of how very different an experience it can be every single time.  Today was Bunnyville day, the zoo's celebration of Easter, and there were eggs and enrichments all around!  The gorillas and chimps got large papier mache eggs, as did many other animals.  The wolverines got a tiger striped papier mache animal, aardvark.jpgwhich concerned them at first, until they found it to contain treats.  And the polar bears got ice pops with fish in them.  Fun all around.  We found ourselves enriched by new activity also:  Both of the zoo's new rhinos were actually out together today;  Talini, our baby polar bear born in Nov. 2004, was finally in the big pool where we could see her swim with her mom (she's getting big!);  And, perhaps most astonishing of all, the usatzoo.jpgaardvark was out where we could see him!!!  We are sad to note, however, that the Pudu and his capybara friend were off exhibit.  We hope to see them return soon.


True Michigan spring

It was 27 degrees on Saturday morning.  We kid you not - 27 degrees.  We had been all set to go to the zoo, but decided instead to stay home and bake 12 dozen cookies for church, some for the Confirmation banquet and some for the Sunday morning coffee hour.  Sunday was beautiful, though, and today even more so.  From 27 degrees on Saturday morning we got to about 63 degrees this afternoon!  Cortney and Raspberry enjoyed a long walk in the neighborhood today (the treadmill is jealous), and then couldn't resist the hamburger when they went grocery shopping.  So for the first time this season we all enjoyed a good summer meal - grilled burgers with grilled buns, lettuce, tomato, onion, and avocado, green beans, and salad (also with all the above fixins).  We spent the evening lounging in a house with open windows, a breeze playing around us, and then retired early, the smell of the outdoors lingering in the air.  Argh, too poetic.  Let's just say it was a really nice day, and we hear that tomorrow is likely to be even better!



Teenagers again!

byebyebirdie.jpgTonight was an evening of flashback!  Last weekend Jon spent hours (really days) recording the accompaniment to "Bye Bye Birdie" for his old high school - their accompanist had bailed on them in the final two weeks and they didn't have the money to hire a new one, so this was the next best thing.  Anyhow, we were curious to see how it turned out, so tonight we attended what was their second performance - they did a great job and the music sounded just right.  It was nice to reconnect with some of the people we had worked with last summer on "Into the Woods," and of course to see Jon's high school drama teacher again.  But the flashback did not end there.  We were starving after the show, so we decided to grab a bite on the way home and ended up at Baker's Square (another version of Big Boy) - a moment that was reminiscent of the high school drama club after parties for both of us.  The only difference?  No goofy drama kids and no shakes.  But the following conversation may or may not have ocurred at the time:

Cortney:  "I'm starting to worry a little.  I mean, we got him in there but now he has to come out somehow."

Jon:  "It's like building a ship in a bottle."