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Snow, snow, and more snow...

Well, the snow started early this morning and has only just begun to taper off, and we coudln't be happier!  When we woke up this morning large, fluffy, white flakes were filling the air, and had already added substantially to the mess of snow still in the streets from last weekend and last night, so we decided to pay hookey.  It felt like a Saturday.  We got up and turned on the now decorated Christmas tree and made our favorite weekend breakfast - eggs with cheese and bacon.  Then we putzed around in our pajamas for a while before we went out for errands in the afternoon, snow still coming down!  Luckily the right people were keeping up with the road care because we had special dinner plans with family we rarely see, plans that required a forty-five minute drive to Howell.  But all went off well, including a fabulous dinner with great conversation and lots of memories, and now are safe and sound in our warm home looking at the beauty of a winter wonderland - just in time for Steve to arrive from Seattle where he really misses the snow.


Music on a Sunday

At least once a Christmas season it so happens that we "lose" an entire day to musical wonder, and this year that day was today.  We started the morning with the Bach Magnificat in church, which we sang at both full morning services.  Then, after a quick lunch it was off to the Faber Piano Institute for the holiday piano recital performed, in part, by Jon's piano students.  It was a first for Jon, and for each of his students, and it went over perfectly.  After the recital, and a quick nap at home, came the end-of-semester concert for the RC Singers, the university choir group that our friend, Kristin, conducts.  Jon is, technically, the piano accompanist for the group, but he also filled in a couple of other parts, including tamborine on one song and tenor on a couple of others.  One thing we can say for sure, Raspberry will not suffer for lack of music in life!


Announcing Raspberry

It's official: we are bursting with love and pleased to announce that we are expecting our first baby on June 19th! Ultrasound-2005-11-07.jpgWe're at 12 and a half weeks, and according to the development guides we've been reading, our child is the size of a lime. Back when we first confirmed the pregnancy, though, the guides told us we had a raspberry-sized bundle of joy, and Jon loved the nickname so much it stuck. We even got a new ornament for our tree engraved with the name Raspberry. We'll have the real baby name after we find out the gender in January. There's plenty of excitement to come. Watch our progress in our "Nine Months" photo album.


Tree shopping

We visited a new tree farm with Cortney's parents, Curtis, and Patty for this year's Christmas tree hunt. It turns out that our traditional spot closed forever! treechopping.jpgThe new place didn't have the quality of Scotch pines that we were used to, but it did have the perks of free hot chocolate, cider, and popcorn! Cortney's parents found a good tree to cut themselves, but for our house we decided to wait to see the pre-cut selection of a nursery in town. Our gamble paid off, as we found just the right shape for us. We've been enjoying that Christmas pine scent ever since!


Countertenors are real

We are being social in the cold snowy nights. We began Saturday evening with a wonderful holiday dinner with Jon's business group in a reserved room at a nice country club. We shared cocktails and conversation and a really nice meal. Long before the dinner was planned, however, we had tickets to the annual UMS performance of Handel's Messiah at Hill Auditorium so we had to leave the dinner party early to race over to Hill. We made it just as the orchestra was tuning up. We met up with the Lilly Resident Ministers from church, with whom we had bought group tickets (they're a really fun group of seminary grads our age). The performance was beautiful, as expected, but the real standout was the moment that the countertenor stood up and sang. Not only was he the most animated and excited performer, but he had a falsetto as rich as any female opera star. After the show, we all went out for coffee and took bets over whether the countertenor's speaking voice was as high as his singing one. Then we bid each other goodnight until we would meet again at church a mere seven hours later.