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A wolverine by any other name...

...would smell as sweet? We heard that the Detroit Zoo was renaming its newborn wolverine kits, yielding to pressure from numerous Michigan sports fans. As a joke, the zoo-keeper (a Michigan State grad) had originally called them "Sparty" and "Bucky" after the mascots of Michigan's chief rivals, Michigan State and Ohio State. After a flood of e-mails and phone calls from offended visitors, the zoo changed their names to Tamarack and Tilia, the names of Michigan trees. A respectable change, though not nearly so distinctive. Michigan fans obviously take their sports very seriously.
We have yet to see the wolverine kits for ourselves, although we have heard a full-grown wolverine scampering around in the moat around his habitat. Perhaps we will see them this weekend as we visit in order to see the new rhinos!


The arrival

Who knew that furniture companies delivered on Sundays?  The scheduled delivery for our new set was between 8 and 11  today, but we couldn't be here because of church, (and church was especially important and long this morning because it was all-church picnic day and "good-bye" Lloyd day, a wonderful man who we will all miss).  We were all set to have Cortney's parents come and hang out during the delivery hours as a special favor (and because Cortney's mom loves the dogs) but low and behold, the delivery guys called at 7:10 am and wondered if they could come early—they were right around the corner.  Worked for us...although we were almost late for the 8:00 service.
But the furniture is great. It is bigger than what we had before so it makes the space seem a little smaller, but we were expecting that and it still looks great and is really comfortable!  Unfortunately we didn't get to spend a lot of time sitting on it.  Instead we tried out the weed whacker and mowed the lawn in sprinkles of rain, and we cleaned the bathrooms and our offices, and even some of the basement.  We always keep a clean house, but it has to be spotless this week;  Steve and Rachel (our best friends) are visiting from Seattle Wednesday and Thursday.  We are newcouch2.jpgreally looking forward to seeing them, but I'm not sure they were worth the lawn mowing in the 86 degree heat. Finally, after finishing the above and grabbing a shower we were able to sit on the new furniture...but it was 6:00 by that time!  We want to point out that even the animals look pooped in this picutre, and they sat inside in the air conditioning all day!


New furniture!

chairface.jpgOur old sectional sofa, a much appreciated hand-me-down, had become more uncomfortable than a Democrat at the Republican convention.  So last weekend we engaged in a right of passage through marriage—we bought living room furniture!  Come this Sunday our sitting room will be graced by a comfortable couch, chair and ottoman in tan, or camel.   The chair has spiral swirls for contrast.  I think it's the presence of the ottoman that makes us feel the most refined; a place to put your feet with such a fancy name.    The floor model of the ottoman was actually the last one, so we were able to take it home with us.  I thought we would get to try it out, but Cookie has taken up what appears to be permanent residence on it.   Diamond spent a good ten minutes trying to remove the attached pillow-top until finally giving up and falling asleep with her chin resting next to Cookie.  So much for refinement.  It's not an ottoman, it's an animal bed.


Spring showers, May flowers

We didn't have a whole lot of April showers, mostly snow, so I just call them spring showers.  We did get a lot of flowers, though.  This was only our second spring in the house so it was our first try with planting tulips in the fall.  A lot of them came up, and then a lot of them fed a lot of hungry baby bunnies, so only a few made it to adulthood.  Poor tulips.
With the nice weather returning the whole family is enjoying neighborhood walks.  The dogs get really riled up whenever you mention "walk" or "cart" (Diamond's wheelchair) or "OUTside," and then all bets are off.  We should probably know better than to try and take a family photo when the kids are in their walk paraphernalia.  It took about fifty tries to get a decent one, and this is it, thanks to the "attention getting device" that we tossed towards the camera (read: a rock).


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