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Day 298 in 2019

Calvin's first marching band experience—the eighth graders joined the high school marching band on the field for half time tonight—an annual tradition for our public school band program on the last home game of the year. This is a big part of my own past. Marching band, or band in general, was a most beloved part of my high school experience, and I continued it on into college, where I found a solid group of accepting people to mesh with before classes even started.

I cannot say enough about the importance of my band experience to me, and that's why I find myself biting my tongue often these days, trying hard not to influence Calvin's decisions. But this was a special moment. Sitting in the stand eating crappy popcorn and stamping my feet to stay warm I couldn't help but give into the nostalgia washing over me. And he loved it—with or without a preconceived notion, I can't say, but regardless, he loved it. And I am so very glad.


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