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To the West Coast in a day!

Today we decided to take a day trip to the west coast.  The west coast of Michigan, that is.   Jon's sister is going to Calvin College in Grand Rapids and since we missed seeing her for her 21st birthday at the end of October, we decided to head out her way and take her out to dinner to celebrate belatedly!  Cortney's parents graciously agreed to watch the dogs for us for the evening, and we set off immediately after church.  Since we rarely get out of town without the dogs, we decided to make the most of the afternoon.  Our friend Sue, Steve's mom, also lives in Grand Rapids, so when we got there we stopped to visit her as well.  She took us out for snacks and we had a nice visit with her.  Afterwards we managed to locate Ann's apartment (in the dark, even).  Ann and Tyson recommended eating at Brann's, a local character kind of a place with great American foods.  We had a wonderful time getting caught up with both of them at dinner, and the food was delicious.  Unfortunately, there was no room for dessert.  No matter, though.  Ann had baked a wonderful batch of cookies for us (from scratch), so we were able to enjoy dessert (and stay awake) on our way home.

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