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The Roadhouse Rules

If ever there was a place that could say "we use only the finest ingredients," Zingerman's Roadhouse would be it.  Actually, they said it many times, or at least our waitress did.  We decided to check it out tonight for dinner, and we really enjoyed it.  The Five Burger Sampler was a plate of five miniature burgers (very cute) made with your choice of world class cheeses (but oh, how to choose... there had to have been fifty possiblities).  The five micro-brew sampler was a good compliment with a variety of light to dark beers arranged in sequence on a rustic wooden tray.  The prime rib was also excellent, and the wine recommended by the waitress was a great compliment.  Mostly we were awed by the ability of the place to combine every degree of elegance (or lack thereof).  The t-shirt ensconced waitress delivered a polished description of each $30 meal and $15 wine (by the GLASS) while we made our selections from newsprint menus.  The decor was that of a down home diner or barbeque (complete with 14 hour smoked pulled pork) but with linen napkins and fine glassware.  What impressed us most?  Strangely enough, it was the ability to sample anything on the menu before ordering.  We could have made a meal out of that and it would have saved us ninety dollars!

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