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Cheating on our zoo

Yesterday we abandoned our Detroit Zoo furries and accompanied some friends from church to the Toledo Zoo where they are members.  We loved the hippos, who have a large pool where we got to see them swim and play from a viewing area half under the water.  Did you know that hippos actually play when they have room? elephantnurse.jpg  We also got to see the baby elephant nurse which is a treat not often stumbled upon (again, this is why we visit so often... something new every time).  They also have cheetahs (one of our new favorites, since the babies in D.C,)!  Our favorite part, though, was probably the African Savannah, which is a very large field with multiple species co-existing (giraffes, antelope, guinea fowl, etc.).  We ate in the African village nearby and went on a safari (train ride) that went all the way around it for better views.  It brought back fond memories of the San Diego Wild Animal Park (by the way - if you’re ever in southern Cal, we highly recommend it).

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