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Rock N Roar, Toledo Zoo

Who said the seventies were dead?  We went with Kristin and Matt to the Rock and Roar party at the Toledo Zoo tonight.  Rocknroar.jpgWe're not sure why it was the Rock and Roar party as opposed to the Disco Mania Night, but we had fun just the same.  By the way, Elvis really isn't dead and neither are bell bottoms or platform boots.  We also met Austin Powers, or at least saw him try to dance with lots of girls.  Notably, we did some of our own boogying, but we learned upon arrival that the days of arriving too early at a party to be cool do not stop with middle school.  Rocknroar2.jpgThus when we arrived promptly at the beginning of the shindig, we spent most of our time entertaining the wildebeast and zebras, not to mention the various crane birds (hey, some of them have the afro built in).  Once people started arriving, however, our attention was drawn swiftly from the grazing ungulates to the oddities gracing the makeshift dance floor.  There are only so many gyrating afros one can stand, so we joined them.  Kristin and Cortney had the moves down.  Matt and Jon just bopped.  The souvenir martini glasses with seven different LED light settings in the stems were totally worth any amount of disco embarrassment, though, right?

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