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A country apart

Thank goodness for free cell-to-cell minutes from Sprint.  We have been in touch with each other every few hours today.  Yes, that means that we actually communicated more today than we do on any normal workday when we are both at home.  In our defense, there was more to talk about!  Jon had a long day at work, getting a number of things done.  IMG_5644.jpgCortney toured the Columbia River Gorge along the Historic Columbia River Highway (HCRH) and hiked a mile up a cliff to the top of a 620 foot waterfall (if you look closely you will see Cortney, in green, and her dad, in yellow, posing right in the middle of the bridge before heading up the trail).  She also saw a 10 foot sturgeon (wow) at the fish hatchery, and a pair of osprey fishing in the spillway of the Bonneville Dam.  Jon and Curtis worked late into the night on music that they are composing and recording for a friend's film (almost forgetting to eat dinner).  Tomorrow (Saturday) will be just as busy.  Cortney has the reunion to attend and Jon will be working all day (and Sunday afternoon... that way he will be able to take time off next week so we can spend some time together), and collaborating again with Curtis to get the music done in time.  Only three more days to go!

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