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Wine country in Oregon...

For one final full day we are a country apart.  Jon played the piano at church this morning then went to work for several hours before going home to clean because he's such a wonderful husband.  winetasting.jpgCortney got up and had brunch with relatives before touring a couple of vineyards, and wineries for tastings.  Oregon is known for their Pinot Noir, a vibrant red that we both like a lot.  Though she didn't bring back any wine, she did bring back a pair of Reidel Burgundy glasses, which of course means we will have to find a good burgundy to try them out with.  Good thing we are going to a tasting here in Ann Arbor next week!  Mom H also got Jon a fantastic T-shirt, so that he wouldn't be left out.  It is a "wineocerous" shirt, sporting a rhinocerous enjoying the finer wines of life.  Something we would think he should wear to that tasting next week, if it wasn't a white shirt.  Ah well, maybe to the zoo instead!  Speaking of which, we haven't been to the zoo in several weeks, which means that a visit is overdue as soon as Cortney returns.

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