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4 month old stats

We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog to bring you an update on Calvin's progress.  He had his 4 month old pediatrician this morning and we are pleased to be able to announce that he is happy and "handsome" (their words, not ours, although we are inclined to agree).  aftervaccinestake2.jpgHe has actually lost a little weight (less than a pound) over the last couple of weeks, probably owing to the fact that he is so much more active now, what with the rolling and the scooting and the sitting up and launching himself at toys.  Today he weight 15.75lbs and measured 26 inches with a head circumference of 42cm.  These numbers place him in the 50th, 75th,and 30th precentiles.  While at the doctor we did discuss increasing his Zantac dosage so we start trying that tonight, hoping it will make a difference in how comfortable he is after eating.  And even though he is gnawing and drooling on everything in site, the peidatrician said that teeth do not appear to be eminent.  We don't  mind.  What Calvin really seems to mind, however, are the four injections he had to get today!  Man, love sure is tough...

204monthswingcomparison.jpg214monthscarseatcomparison.jpgBy the way - we realize that we got way behind on our journaling here, so this is the most recent of four new backlogged entries we have added.  Just scroll down to see the rest, and we will try to do better this next week.

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