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A tree in the house????

That would be Calvin's reaction to the Scotch Pine that is now standing in our great room.  perfecttreehissize.jpgWell, actually he doesn't seem all that concerned about it; curious, maybe, but not concerned.  In fact, our whole tree tradition seems a little lost on him.  As per tradition we got up this morning and joined Cortney's family for breakfast before driving way out into the "country" to hunt Christmas trees.  Calvin seemed to enjoy the breakfast part just fine, and would probably have been fine with the tree part, too, except that he was extremely sleepy through the whole ordeal.  ornamentwithdad.jpgWe did find the perfect Christmas tree, which somehow seemed important for this milestone holiday, even though Calvin won't care a lick (but we do, so we'll post a picture as soon as we get it decorated).  We brought it home and put it up and Calvin didn't seem one bit disturbed.  He even tried touching it and wasn't put off, although he seemed disappointed that we would let him put neither the very first ornament (a giraffe) in his collection from his gram nor the tree in his mouth!  Tough love.  ornamentwithmom.jpgThe FANTASTIC news is that he has had no trouble eating today at all! And, though his voice is still hoarse (which makes him sound so sad and pitiful!) from this bout with the reflux, we really think he is on his way back to "normal."  He even slept through the night last night, something he hasn't done since the doctors messed with his medicine over two weeks ago.  ARGH.

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