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Calvin meet Ollie. No, not eat Ollie.

calvinandollietake2.jpgCalvin is always intrigued by the dogs, and everyone seems to get along well.  Diamond ignores him for the most part, Moose wants to protect him (from us whenever he is crying), and Ollie is in awe of him.  Today, though, was the first time any of our four legged family tried to snuggle him.  calvinandollie.jpgOllie was the courgeous canine who took it upon himself to keep the baby warm on such a cold day, and Calvin couldn't have been more thrilled.  Of course, his excitement was mainly due to the fact that he was sure Ollie was a new toy to chew on, but to Ollie any attention is good attention and he just soaked it all up.  And, no, we didn't let Calvin chew on the dog, but we did take a lot of pictures that we posted in the 22nd week album.

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