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Baby play

Babies love other babies, or so we had heard.  It wasn't until more recently, however, that Calvin really started to interact with other little munchkins more his size.  Cortney and Calvin went on a field trip today to spend some time with a new mom and baby who needed some uplifiting words and a little advice (those first three weeks can be hard).  lieslhug.jpgCortney's friend, Becky, and her daughter, Liesl, were a big part of this outing, too, and Calvin really seemed to make a connection with Liesl while we were there.  Of course, he's seen her numerous times in the past, but this time he really seemed to be communicating with her, even if she was too busy to care much.  He was clearly very intrigued, and perhaps a bit perplexed, by her ability to move about so easily.  We have a feeling that if he spends too much time with her his snail paced commando crawl will become a full fledged crawl that much faster!

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