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Santa really isn't that scary

We really started to get into the spirit of things today.  Jon accompanied Christmas songs for the PBS telethon (five, or at least one, minutes of fame), and when he got home we sat ourselves down and took Christmas pictures.  chritmasphotoshoot.jpgWe will still go in and have professional ones done, but we wanted to have some to make a Christmas card with, so we had to try some on our own.  It is amazingly difficult to get a baby to look at a camera when there is no person behind it!  This is the first year that our Christmas pictures have not included the dogs, but what are you going to do?  Only so much drool will fit in one snapshot.  Overall the pictures turned out fairly nicely, and you can see them (or at least the ones that won't be going on the Christmas card), and some portraits taken earlier in the week, in our Christmas Photo Shoot album (don't laugh - they're not professional, and PhotoShop is our friend, but we only had time to fix some of them).

And what is more Christmassy (yes, that is a word) than the torture of sitting still in awkward positions for family photos?  Why, that yearly visit to Santa Claus (you'll shoot your eye out...ho ho ho), sittingwithsanta.jpgso after the picture taking episode we packed him up and headed to the mall for his inaugural visit with the fat man in red.  Thankfully Calvin loves people and is not old enough yet to be worried about the bearded anomaly, unlike the two year old screamer behind us in line.  We only got a couple quick pictures, and we are too lazy to scan the picture they gave us, so this is all we have to show for the trip right now, but we'd say it was successful.  This whole first Christmas thing sure is wonderful!

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That is quite a classic photo of Santa--stroking his beard (or suppressing a giggle). I'm not sure I've ever seen a wristwatch on Santa before, but it's reassuring to know he'll be on time this year. Calvin is darling as always.
December 7, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterGrandma O

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