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A big week

We have been very remiss in updating our journal here, and the only thing we have to say in our own defense is that it has been one crazy, and fun, week!  We'll see if we can give a brief recap.  On Wednesday our friends Steve and Rachel arrived to spend a few days before Christmas.  1223entry1.jpgThis is an annual tradition in our home that includes lots of Christmas shopping, video games, and Christmas movies (particularly "Christmas Vacation").  This year was no disappointment.  As usual, Steve arrived from Seattle having neither done nor planned any of his Christmas shopping.  But as stressful as that sounds it has become a traditional challenge for all of us to help him get it all done in just one or two days, and we have yet to fail!  This trip was also their first chance to meet Calvin.  Unfortunately, we can't say that he was on his very best behavior, which brings us to the next big happening of the week - Calvin's first tooth!  At this point it has fully cleared the gum but isn't all the way in.  1223entry2.jpgThis is a bittersweet milestone, as it means that we will be saying goodbye to that adorable gummy grin of his, but we know that toothy grins can be just as cute, which brings us to the last happening of the week, Calvin's very first birthday party!  Not his own, obviously, but a birthday party just the same!  Last night we joined in celebrating Liesl's first birthday.  One thing that we have learned - the first birthday party is mostly about the adults (hence the wine being served in the kitchen).  1223entry3.jpgNevertheless, Calvin seemed to have as much fun as we did.  Liesl got some great new toys for her birthday and was more than willing to share (like the wine, the easy sharing is likely something that won't be seen at birthday parties again for many years to come).  We had a great time meeting other young families, and taking notes on how to throw a great first birthday party.  We see a grilling party and a new turtle shaped sandbox about six months into our future...

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