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One last Christmas dinner

Who doesn't want Christmas to lsat for days on end?  threecousins.jpgWe really like to spread out our Christmas joy.  In fact, tonight we realized that somewhere along the way Christmas really changed for us.  It seems to us that when we were Children Christmas was a one day event that we waited for all year long.  Now, as adults, Christmas isn't a day, it's a season, and we find ourselves trying to spread the spirit out across days, or even weeks.  fourcousins.jpgAnd Christmas is less about the gifts we get and more about the gifts we give, and even more about the people we share it with.  With that in mind, tonight was Christmas all over again!  Tonight we had our traditional Christmas dinner with the extended Hiller family, only this year the table was graced by three members of the next generation.  Calvin was the youngest baby there, his second cousin Iris is five months older than he is, and Iris's cousin, familyxmasdinner.jpgDylan, is about ten months older than he is.  And we also enjoyed the company of family who travelled from all over the world, including California and The Netherlands.  Calvin even received a very speical gift from his cousin (once removed) Kate, who brought him a Dutch children's book, something we will enjoy sharing with him to help him embrace his heritage.  It sure would be nice if there could be a little bit of Christmas every day.

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