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A visit from far sort of away friends...

Sue came in from Grand Rapids today to have lunch with us and to check up on Raspberry's growth.  She hadn't seen him since the "glimmer in the eye" phase, so he looks a lot different now.  withsue.jpgWe had a great time seeing both Sue and her friend (a wonderful gal who came along for the afternoon contra dancing in Ann Arbor), though we wish we'd had more time with them (when they came last March we went contra dancing with them and had a great time, but Cortney's a little off balance these days).  Instead we met up with them after church at the newest place in town - The Carlyle Bar and Grill (on Jackson in front of the Quality 16) - and we think it is someplace we could recommend.  They had a little bit of something for everyone - Jon had a fancy pizza and Cortney had a fancy chicken sandwich (with avocado, which is her newest and strongest craving);  Sue's friend had Halibut (looked good, too);  dad H had something that came with fried plantains (how cool is that?!?!);  both Sue and mom H had good looking caeser salads.  By the way - if the occasion ever presents itself, be sure to ask Cortney's mom about the major heads of broccoli that came with her dinner the last time she ate there.  It's a good story.


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