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Some assembly required

We have been told many times that having a baby will force us to mature quickly.  Equally as many times have we scoffed at this adage, choosing instead to believe the more poetic motto 'having children keeps us young at heart.'  Today, however, we have learned just how true both of these proverbs are, and the key to their truth can be summed up in just one act: assembly.  We have to ask, why is it that baby items are so much more difficult to assemble than adult items?!?!?!?

assembly.jpgA picture is worth a thousand words.  We followed the directions.  Really.  So why is it that this just doesn't look right? 


The swing ultimately went together, and it was a lot of fun to play with (keeping us young at heart)!  Still, maturity reared its ugly head in the form of realistic thinking:  

(Jon)  "He better not wet his pants in this thing because taking that cushion back off is going to be a real [pain]" [altered for content and rated G for audiences everywhere]

Yes, having children will force adulthood on us.

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