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Africa was active today!

Continuing our final tour of zoos before the baby comes on the scene we found ourselves enjoying a beautiful afternoon at the Toledo Zoo today.  And here we must note the reality of Murphy's Law:  We carefully thought it through this morning and decided not to take the video camera because, as Jon said, "it's not really a video camera type of zoo."  babybirds.jpgHaving thus left the video camera at home let us list for you the things we were only able to capture in still form:  In Africa the giraffes were running and chasing the zebras back and forth while the gnus were sparring;  While eating lunch (by the way - the Toledo Zoo knows how to do food!) we watched a momma bird feed her babies who were nested above our picnic table;  playinghippos.jpgThe two hippos were actively chasing and mouthing each other and performing dolphin-like dives;  The two-toed sloth (slowly) moved directly over our heads in the free ranging rain forest area.  It was a great day and we had a great time.  There might have been more, but the battery in the still camera started to die.  The other lesson we learned today?  From now on we need to be sure to keep the camera charged and the memory cards empty so that we will be ready for whenever Raspberry decides to arrive!

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