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To Australia in under a minute flat.

Binder Park may have the seven minute train to Africa, and Toledo the two minute train to Africa (who would buy seven minute abs when there's six minutes abs...), joninperth.jpgbut Detroit now has their own distance defying foreign trek - Australia in less than a minute!  Newly opened this year is their Walkabout, a lovely trip to Australia in the time it takes you to walk through two sets of doors.  What will you see in Australia?  While traversing the dirt path through the rock formations and the camp setups left by previous hikers one can peruse a plethera of signs describing the animals, cultures, and peoples of that lovely country.  There are also free ranging peacocks (hey, this is our own version of Australia, not Australia's), and free guessed it!  cortneyinperth.jpgKangaroos.  Of course said kangaroos were definitely free, but clearly not ranging while we were there today in the ninety degree heat.  What they were doing more closely resembled lounging, but we enjoyed our Australian outback adventure anyhow.  Besides, Detroit has another piece of news this year - a brand new joey!  This new joey came as a surprise not only to visitors to the Perth area, but also to keepers as well, seeing as that all the male kangaroos has previously undergone vasectomies, but this new little miracle occured all on its own (?) and is there for all to enjoy.  joey.jpgThey believe him (or her) to be about five months old and he is curiously poking his bald little face out of his mother's pouch constantly and will soon be venturing out entirely.  He is pictured here with his mother - both of his arms and his chin show here, as well as the black dot which his eye being shielded by that top arm.  See if you can make him out...

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