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June 12 milestones

Wow!  The first night was way easier than either of us had expected!  Calvin only woke us up once, and we had to wake him up to eat the second time.  Of course, coming off of 5 total hours of sleep for the whole weekend means that we are still ridiculously tired, but we won't split hairs.

Today was full of new things and adventures for young Calvin.  He ate and then he explored the backyard with his dad (mostly with closed eyes) then he ate again.  This was followed by a frustrated turn through his dressers and closet looking for clothing that would actually fit.  nicehat.jpgThese things looked small before he was born, but pretty much everything hangs off of him except a couple of outfits from Cortney's mom and a couple from Cortney's aunt, so today he played dress up in a onesie delivered all the way from Peru - lucky baby is so loved and spoiled!  Then the afternoon consisted of more eating and sleeping, a visit from our lactation consultant (she's really cool), a trip to the mailbox (video taped by Jon), trying to get used to the idea that the carseat wouldn't kill him, and a first sponge bath at home.  Jon equates the bath, and pretty much any diaper or clothing change, to the concept of working on a car while the car alarm is going off.  Other than that, though, Calvin is a pretty easy going baby - he usually gets used to new things about the second time through -  and has been quiet and cuddley all day.

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